Drink tea like an adult.


Issa trap tea party

The Lituation

It's Migos meets Alice In Wonderland. We don't need your traditional classic music at our tea party. We litty with trap music, sippin herbal tea and drippin so much sauce. You are definitely invited to the next one. 

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Brew #36 - Get Yo Money Mix

Brew #36 - Get Yo Money Mix

From ODB to Fabolous to JAY-Z, if the song is about money, it probably made it into this playlist. Catch our last Hip-Hop playlist of the year.
Brew #35 - Self-Care in Hip-Hop

Brew #35 - Self-Care in Hip-Hop

Sometimes, some really crazy ish happens in Hip-Hop. Sometimes, Hip-Hop comes through with some of the most thought provoking songs. Here's a playlist of some of our favorite songs that encourage self reflection and self affirmation. 
Goodbye Summer: 7 Teas for the Fall Season

Goodbye Summer: 7 Teas for the Fall Season

It's the first day of Fall and for many of us, it's our time to shine. We're over the hot stickiness of the summer and we're ready for pumpkin and ...

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Making herbal teas with locally sourced herbs.

Supporting ourselves

By deciding to go the natural route for healing

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