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  • How To: Make Fire Cider with our Founder

    Our Founder Shanae teaches you how to make Fire Cider in this easy to follow tutorial. 

    Quick note - you can substitute just about anything in this video for your preferred citrus, preferred pepper, etc. However, you gotta have horseradish or you don't have fire cider. Grab some at a health food store or online, if you can't find it at your local grocer.

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  • Mood

    Set it.  I’m sipping.  Let me indulge in this warm feeling of magic.  Alone (but not really). It’s cold outside.  Just me and my favorite barista bringing me a cup of hot water because I brought my own spells.  Thinking to myself while I stir the hot water with my mini gold teaspoon.  Thinking. D... View Post
  • Me, Some Tea, and My Yoga Mat

    The first "tea" I ever had was Honey Lemon Tea that my mom would make when I had a sore throat or cough. It was just lemon juice, honey, and warm water. Nothing fancy. I remembered exactly how she made it and I learned to replicate it simply by scent. View Post