• Momma gotta have a life too... - Black and Gold

Momma gotta have a life too... - Black and Gold

Remember Baby Boy? In hindsight, that movie was kinda crazy and oddly timed. But cult classics are cult classics. All that matters is that it happened. And we got this timely quote from it. This Mother's Day give your mother something special, something that affirms your mother, and reminds your mother that she (or they) have your support, too.


Product Details:

  • 1 saucer and 1 teacup
  • Printed in black script: Momma gotta have a life too
  • Teacup is black with gold trim around the mouth, the handle is gold, the inside of the cup is white
  • Teacup holds 5 ounces of liquid
  • Saucer is 6" wide
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not microwave safe

What's included:

  • 1 saucer and 1 teacup
  • 1 tin of Red Bone tea
  • Infuser/Reusable cotton bags

Pairs Well With:

  • BET Censored Movies